Projects in Progress 2009 Search & Deal 26 nov.2009 – Project Manager Crina Penteleychuk (Paun)
From heart to heart 20 nov.2009 – Project Manager Lacramioara Aparaschivei
JCI Romania National Conference (oct-nov.2009, Iasi)- Project Manager Mircea Giosan
JCI European Conference  Budapesta 2009 (9-14 iun)-  Project Manager  Ilie Ghiciuc
Business IasiNet Events – Project Manager Geo Diaconescu
Wine networking (sept.- oct.2009, Suceava, Iasi)- Project Manager Luminita Mihu (Iasi) , Lucian Poenari (Suceava)
Entrepreneurship is a PLUS (2009-2010, Iasi, Vaslui)- Project Manager Bogdan Baianu
Multi-Twinning-Project “European Capitals of Culture” (sept.2009,Bruxelles)- Project Manager Ovidiu Sandu
JCI Regional Meeting (28-30 aug.2009, Magura Chalet, Suceava)- Project Manager Carmen Ungureanu
BusinessWings – iunie 2009 – Project Manager Geo Diaconescu
JCI Iasi Aniversary – mai 2010 – Project Manager Carmen Ungureanu – Iasi Business Network

Dear Entrepreneur,
We are delighted to let you know that we have created the perfect event for you: a business
networking event where you will meet young entrepreneurs, like you, that can be your own business
partners, potential clients, potential suppliers -a business networking event that can be the
incentive your business may need in order to grow.
An event for you that can open doors you have never thought of opening
An event that you must take part in
Who can participate?
• Young entrepreneurs in Iasi
• Young intrapreneurs in Iasi
Registration rules:
• Come with at least 50 business cards in order to take advantage of the opportunities of
this event

How do I register?
• Fill in the application form (download) and send it to no later than
November 24th 2009
• The selection procedure works on a “first come, first served” basis
Contact Person:
Crina Penteleychuk
0740 296 522

The event is part of the project – Iasi Business Network run by JCI Iasi in partnership
with Arhipelago Network, between November 5th – December 7th 2009, the project being financed by
the Ministery of Youth and Sport and the County Department for Youth Iasi.
The aim of this project is to encourage young entrepreneurs in Iasi to take part in it by means of
online communication instruments in order to improve the business environment in Iasi.
The launching of the project and the press conference took place today at 12.00 at Mihai Eminescu
Museum in Copou.

JCI Romania National Conference 2009

To what extent are you interested in your personal and professional development? Communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership all represent essential things for a successful business.
Get ready to face the crisis taking part in a high-quality event!
Come and join us at the JCI National Conference between October 29th – November 1st 2009 at
Capitol Hotel in Iasi! So far 80 participants from all over the country have already registered
and the list remains open until October 25th.
You will benefit from a complex program of both personal and professional trainings that will help
you become a successful entrepreneur. Ranging from a variety of topics and organized
simultaneously, the training sessions run by professional speakers and trainers, both national and
international, allow one the freedom of the best choice.
Filipe Carrera, the most internationally renowned JCI trainer will welcome you, a trainer who you
will have many things to learn from, by all means! Come and meet your future business partners –
entrepreneurs, like you, managers, consultants or freelancers!
Because we know how to combine sweet and useful things and because business relationships
consolidate in a pleasant relaxing environment you are our special guest for fun in the evening!
We have prepared for you special evenings with local and Transylvanian customs, when you can taste
wines, the famous traditional cheese pies (“poale-n brau”), as well as many other specialties form
our traditional cuisine. The costumes, the music and the souvenirs will complete this feast
atmosphere. “Giosan’s Gateways” will guide you to hidden treasures around Iasi. You must only
discover them!

For registration and further details about the program, keep an eye on

Entrepreneurship is a PLUS

On Monday, September 14th, the press conference organized by JCI Iasi in order to officially launch the project „Entrepreneurship is a PLUS” took place at Astoria Hotel in Iasi.
The President JCI Iasi, Gabriel Comorasu, the Project Manager, Bogdan Baianu, Trainers Laura Birhala si Severin Sanzianu, Geo Diaconescu, Project Assistant, JCI members in Iasi and Vaslui, all took part in the press conference, as well as mass media representatives.
The aim of the project is gaining knowledge and acquiring entrepreneurial skills in order to create a high quality economic environment and also to support the increase in the number of businesses run by well-trained managers. This aim reflects the coverage of the main needs of the market: managerial competences, professionalism and the development of entrepreneurial spirit.
On this special occasion, the official website of the project was launched –, a website by means of which anyone who wants to get involved in an entrepreneurial career has the opportunity to register as a participant.
The content of the forms will be decisive in choosing 60 people (30 from Iasi and 30 from Vaslui) who will be participating in two training sessions for each region respectively, as well as a common training session, in a venue to be announced later on.
The target group was prepared 2 training modules: the introductory module with concepts that focus on organizational skills and the advanced training focused on vocational training according to the 4 interest fields: services, trade, production and IT.
Depending on the progress during the project implementation, one participant from each field will be supported in defining their own business, by receiving a money award. In addition to this, the most important prize will be awarded to the participant who will deal with the most original industry. 5 people will receive prizes worth 19.000 RON depending on their preformance during the development program. These will be decided taking into consideration the topics chosen and the interest shown in all 6 days of training. The prize for the most innovative project will be received by only one person. The 5 winners will benefit from coaching for 3 months.
Participation is guaranteed through European funding (Programul Operational Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007-2013, Domeniul Major de Interventie 3.1: “Promovarea Culturii Antreprenoriale”)
Photos from the launching of the project can be seen here :, by Adi Mironescu.
Further details regarding the program and registration can be found on the project site:

JCI Iasi Anniversary

We are delighted to let you all know that on May 26th we will be celebrating 4 years since the founding of Junior Chamber International Iasi. 4 years have already passed! We must be aware that all this time we have shared the common belief in JCI values, we have done projects together and we have even built business partnerships. But we did not focus only on our city, we also set an example and influenced other organizations at the start-up phase beyond Iasi boundaries.
95 years ago in Saint Louis Missouri SUA, Mr. Henry Giessenbier took the initiative to create the first Junior Chamber organization. As a comparison we can realize how much more we need to work. The important thing is that we have the necessary people to work with and, moreover, who to learn from. We are part of the biggest organization of young entrepreneurs. Let’s show all the colleagues that we are a team and that we know how to be happy together.
We are inviting you to celebrate together 4 years of JCI Iasi, on Saturday, May 29th 2010, starting with 10.30 am at the Conference Room at Technopolis Scientific Park in Iasi.
10.30 – Press Conference – we will be briefly presenting our association, our JCI projects in all these 4 years, with a focus on the upcoming ones as well as the projects that have had a great impact on our local business environment.
11.00 – Past Presidents 2006-2009 Discourse Marius Alexa, Sergiu Barna, Bogdan Baianu, Gabi Comorasu
11.30 -11.40 coffee break
11.40 – Presentation of JCI Iasi Partners; handing out certificates for partners
12.00 – JCI Iasi – promoter around Moldova region – speakers: presidents / representatives of local organizations in Moldova
12.30 Examples of businesses / partnerships set up among JCI Iasi members or JCI Moldova
12.30 -13.00 break
13.00 – awarding certificates for the most successful JCI Iasi members
13.30 – Workshop held by JCI Iasi trainer – Laura Taschina-Nicolae
16.00 – 19.00 anniversary cocktail and closing party at TrabantCafe pub
During all these events in the hall there will be specially designated spaces for those willing to advertise for their business / products / services. There will be two ways:
• tables for flyers and booklets
• powerpoint presentations projected on the wall and roll-ups

Happy Anniversary JCI Iasi!